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    Meat Business Women is a professional networking group for women working across the meat industry. Assuring the sustainability of our sector by attracting & retaining the best possible talent.
    We are a proactive and positive group with 4 basic values.
    • We champion the meat industry, as a great place to build a fulfilling life-long career where individuals can express their full potential.
    • We encourage and support a well-connected global professional membership of like-minded, hard working, ambitious, people.
    • We advocate diversity and inclusivity as being critical to the attractiveness, resilience, and future success of our sector.
    • We inspire innovative thinking and collaborative relationships which will positively influence our sector by delivering higher performance on a global scale.
    We encourage positivity, information sharing and discussion across the forum
    If content on the forum doesn’t match the above values Meat Business Women we may delete threads in addition to the selling of products and personal negativity

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