Meat Business Women Global Gender Representation Report 2023

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Meat Business Women is undertaking Gender Representation Research for 2023.

This piece of work is essential for the global meat industry and will track progress against the trailblazing report in 2020 (see here) which was instigated by the United Nations.

In a nutshell, the research will track how many women are working in the global meat sector and the enablers and barriers to grow the talent pipeline. The final report will form a key part of the agenda at the World Meat Congress in October.

It’s essential the research is robust and businesses in the meat sector are being asked to participate in the following ways (please do share across your networks):

1. Organisations to supply basic employee data – by 24th March

Complete the excel sheet (see here) and send to Data usage information is below.

2. Individuals to take part in survey and focus groups

Pulse survey for all genders:

A short anonymous 10 minute questionnaire for people working in the meat industry to further understand enablers and barriers via here

Focus groups:

We’ll be running three, 90 minute focus groups. The purpose of these is to have a more detailed conversation with women who work in the sector to explore their ideas on what the sector is doing well, what it’s doing less well and where the opportunities for change are when it comes to both gender inclusion and inclusion more broadly. The focus groups can be booked directly:

10.00 UK time on 23 March. Book here

15.00 UK time on 23 March. Book here

08.00 UK time (17.00 AET) on 5 April. Book here

Data usage and FAQs

Download the Data Usage and FAQ document here

The purpose of this research is to explore gender equality in the meat industry. It is intent is to help the sector understand the current ‘state of the nation’, to track progress since the 2020 report and to identify and share best practice.

We are gathering five types of data as part of this project:

  • The % of women at different organisational levels to get a picture of representation across the sector.
  • In depth interviews with key leaders to get their perspective on what’s helping and hindering gender equality and inclusion more broadly in the industry.
  • A short ‘pulse survey’ to understand perspectives on barriers and enablers to women progressing their careers in the sector.
  • Focus groups with women to understand their experiences of working in the industry.
  • Case studies of organisations and initiatives that have made a positive difference to gender representation.

The data will be used to create an easy to read, short, engaging and solution focus report explaining the “State of the Nation” on women’s representation and progression in the meat industry across the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and North America.

The report will cover:

  • The number, and organisational level of women, in the processing sector (post-farm gate) across the industry and at a country level.
  • Case studies of industry ‘bright spots’ (organisations whose gender inclusion performance is better than average and / or who have taken steps to positively impact their gender balance).
  • Practical recommendations that both the sector and individual organisations can adopt to create a positive change.
  • A view on what has changed since the last Meat Business report in 2020.

All information obtained during the study will be treated with the strictest confidence. All information will be stored anonymously.

Your data will be aggregated at industry and country level, and individual organisations data will not be identifiable. If we have insufficient country level data to ensure confidentiality of results, then we will not publish country level data.

As a voluntary participant, your organisation has the right to withdraw from this research.

As such participants are entitled to withdraw their consent to participate and discontinue participation without prejudice, at any time until the data is processed.

Data is deemed to be processed when the aggregated data for is compiled.

Data will not be reported at an individual business level, or in any way that makes your organisation identifiable.

Data will be presented at an industry and country level. We may also do some analysis by size of organisation.

Meat Business Women’s core purpose is to support all women in the meat sector.

The report will take an intersectional lens on the differing experiences of women across the sector as well as exploring the drivers on inclusion more generally.

You can contact Laura Ryan from Meat Business Women at or Fiona Smith from Niteo Development  at

You can access a copy of the last report here

Please share this via your networks…

It’s essential this research is robust and reaches as many people working in the meat industry as possible We’d therefore kindly ask that you share this research across your networks as broadly as possible. Suggested copy and downloadable graphics are below.

Suggested Copy

Meat Business Women has launched its trailblazing UN recognised global gender representation report, the only one of its kind in the meat industry and they need you to contribute.

This report is essential for the global meat industry and will track how many women are working in the global meat sector, the enablers and barriers to grow the talent pipeline as well as forming a key part of the agenda at the World Meat Congress in October.

If you work in the meat industry and can spare just 10 minutes, get involved by completing their anonymous survey here.

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