Meat our members: Elizabeth McClymont

January 27, 2022 By

We caught up with Elizabeth McClymont, a Meat Sales Manager working for Australian meat company Mort & Co.

Elizabeth manages domestic sales and export sales to the Middle East and North America. 

“Day-to-day I am negotiating with customers on future orders, discussing products, specifications, volume, price, order schedule etc. I am also liaising with our production team on the production schedule, packing plan, codes and inventory and working with our logistics team on current orders and loadouts. My role usually takes me out of the office visiting with current and potential customers but in the current circumstances I am “home” office bound.”

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given in your career so far?

“Never stop learning, be yourself and question everything.”

What’s the thing you love most about your job and being in the meat industry?

“The meat industry is what I was born in to and raised in so I love the connection my work has to my family. It certainly makes conversations around the Christmas table more interesting… and relatable. Also, I love to travel and to build relationships with people from all around the world. Who doesn’t want a career that takes them to cold stores, butcher shops, grocery stores, processing plants, farms and some of the best restaurants on the planet!”

What’s the biggest challenge you are facing currently?

“Finding the opportunities or pathway to step up into the next level in my career. This is where I have really benefitted from being a member of Meat Business Women. The networking, the empowerment, the inspiration and the mentoring that Meat Business Women provides has been assisting me with finding my way through my career journey.”

Elizabeth McClymont, Meat Sales Manager, Mort & Co

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