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Individual membership

✔ Access to exclusive monthly online personal development masterclasses
✔ Access to our exclusive mentoring programme
✔ Discounted tickets for our annual industry conference and networking events
✔ Exclusive content, recommendations and industry news
✔ Connect to a global network of women to share knowledge, experiences and grow

£99 (annual fee, cancel anytime)

Corporate membership

✔ Individual memberships for your team
✔ Support your HR, training and personal development programmes with our resources
✔ Use the Meat Business Women brand in gender and sustainability reports
✔ Networking opportunities at C-suite and director level at our annual industry conference and networking events
✔ Ability to participate in MBW campaigns and initiatives


✔ Become part of an inclusive, supportive and inspirational global community of like-minded women

✔ Essential career development with access to our global mentoring programme

✔ The tools you need to progress with exclusive monthly personal development masterclasses

✔ Keep ahead of the game with exclusive content, recommendations and industry news

✔ Grow your network with access to our entire community of professionals

✔ Enjoy early bird, discounted tickets for conferences and events

✔ Know that you’re not alone! The meat industry becomes an amazing place to work when you’re surrounded by talented, supportive people

Exclusive Events

You’ll get access to an extensive library of masterclasses that give you the tools you need to become a better leader, improve your networking skills, have difficult conversations, negotiate, build mental resilience and so much more. We host at least one new masterclass a month.

Exclusive Content


We’ve made it our mission to change the image of the meat industry to make it attractive to all talent. You’ll have access to a bank of resources, member-led content and access to our archives of relevant industry documents.

Global Mentoring

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 There’s nothing more valuable to your career than a good mentor/mentee relationship. We know it can be tricky to get started, so  we’ve invested in a bespoke mentoring platform which will help you to connect with mentors and mentees globally, as well as lots of resources to help you along your journey.

Your community

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You’ll be part of a supportive, inclusive community of incredible like-minded women working in every role across the meat industry. It can be daunting attending your first event with us, but as our members say “Wherever you are in your career, Meat Business Women provides a safe environment to share and grow.”


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“It was a quick and easy decision to join MBW! I see the fee firstly as an investment in me and secondly a business development opportunity”

“Becoming a member of Meat Business Women has not only helped me build confidence in my own ability, but has allowed me to achieve great things personally and professionally.”


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