Meat Business Women

Our Global Community

Grown from the UK, Meat Business Women is a truly global organisation that encompasses Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Our story continues to grow, with several new countries due to come on board in the very near future.

Meat Business Women welcomes all global citizens. When you join our community, you’ll benefit from a progressive and innovative global online platform.

United Kingdom & Ireland

Our founding UK operation was established in 2015, and quickly gained momentum when it was recognised that, in order to survive, the traditional British meat industry required immediate change. In particular, it was noted that the female talent pool was untapped.

Innovative industry leaders and trade bodies supported the initiative, and Meat Business Women swiftly grew its following with an exciting launch in Dublin (for the addition of our Irish group) soon to follow.


Seeing the parallels with the UK meat industry, our Australian chapter embraced the Meat Business Women passion and was supported by the amazing team at the Australian Meat Industry Council (AMIC), where they could share their story and grow the network.

Online growth was rapid and was quickly followed by successful conferences in Melbourne and Brisbane. With both international and Australian industry leaders supporting the movement, this chapter is set to further flourish and make real change.

New Zealand

As a country with extensive heritage and self-sufficiency in the meat industry, New Zealand is a natural chapter for the Meat Business Women family. This isolated nation often leads in the industry’s technological advancements and is viewed globally as a leading progressive nation.

Working with a consortium of three fantastic teams at the Meat Industry Alliance, Beef & Lamb New Zealand Ltd, and Beef & Lamb New Zealand Inc, rapid progress in the industry is expected.

Regular innovative “Lean In” circles, coupled with Zoom sessions are connecting the Kiwi community to each other and to our Global members.

Our Affiliates

Our journey is continually evolving. We continue to share best practice tips and advice, and help trade innovative industry experience and expertise between organisations. Each of these affiliations shares our passion to develop both the role of women in work and the role of the meat industry around the world.

We are honoured to be recognised by the United Nations as a solution to one of the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Why Join Meat Business Women

Become a part of the Global Meat Business Women movement. Learn from industry leaders, peers, and development experts through monthly interactive webinars. You’ll also be able to access and contribute to best practice guides, developmental resources, and other industry documentation. Support and you will be supported. Our global mentoring platform allows you to join the network of progressive women driving one another throughout our industry.

Our Story

Our network was created to improve the sustainability of the meat industry, which faces external pressures in terms of its image and internal challenges from historical bias. Meat Business Women is a progressive global network for professional women working in the meat industry.

“I think it’s extremely important for women in the meat industry to build their networks.”

Temple Grandin