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MIA: The Meat Industry Association of New Zealand (MIA) is the voluntary trade association representing New Zealand’s red meat processors, marketers and exporters.

Beef + Lamb New Zealand Ltd: This is the farmer-owned, industry organisation representing New Zealand’s sheep and beef farmers. We invest farmer levies in programmes that grow the sheep and beef industry and provide sustainable returns now and for future generations.

Beef + Lamb New Zealand Inc: Beef + Lamb New Zealand Inc is responsible for domestic promotion of beef and lamb and is jointly funded by farmers (Beef + Lamb New Zealand Ltd), New Zealand retailers, and New Zealand processors.

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Your Committee Members

The NZ Committee is made up of four people (Ashley Gray, Helen Fletcher, Fiona Windle, Antoinette Bisset) who voluntarily give up their time to support Meat Business Women. They are highly experienced industry professionals and work across the meat supply chain.

Global Sponsors

Our Meat Business Women sponsors represent some of the most progressive and innovative organisations within the global meat supply chain.

Their support provides our members with exclusive insights from worldwide brands in the form of executive interviews, webinar engagement, and market development predictions. These mediums demonstrate their commitment to gender equality.

They participate at both global and local events, and via membership content mediums.

Local Sponsors

Our local sponsors are valuable in-country partners that work with our local committees to organise and enable our chapter events. Providing much needed financial support for these local events, they also share their industry expertise and commitment to gender equality.

“Women in our sector are incredibly passionate. They are forward thinkers, conversation starters, game changers, shakers and movers and I believe, collectively, have a huge role to play in shaping how the meat industry is perceived and operates in years to come.

“I can see how a young woman looking to choose her career path could overlook this industry. I almost was that woman eight years ago, but I’ve had some unforgettable experiences and opportunities to create change. I know that if we can develop an environment that attracts talented women into our industry and nurture their development, the whole sector will reap the rewards.”

Ashley Gray