Meat Business Women

Our Industry

Meat Business Women embraces each element of the Global Meat Supply Chain. The industry is practically as old as time itself, touching every continent, country, and household on the planet.

From farming and processing through to retail and foodservice, the Global Meat Supply Chain is one of the largest economic sectors in the world. With a global value of some $946 Billion in 2018 (and forecasted growth to $1143 billion by 2023), our industry provides talented and driven women with a significant opportunity to flourish across a number of different careers within this exciting sector.


Billion US Dollars

Up from $946 billion US dollars
*Source – Statista


Million Tons

Global output up from 317.2 million tons
*Source – Statista


People Globally Employed in the Industry

Of which 36% are women


Farming is where it all begins, and this stage is vital to the Global Meat Supply Chain.

Our network welcomes every type of farming professional involved in the meat production industry. That includes farmhands, scientists, veterinary surgeons, fully-fledged farmers, and everyone in-between!


One part of our industry that faces many daily challenges – and receives particularly poor press – is the Meat Production and Processing sector. To support the transformation and sustainability of the global Meat Supply Chain, Meat Business Women puts a heavy focus on Meat Production and Processing across every protein and discipline.


Where our industry meets the consumer, Retail remains the most important channel for meat sales. From local, independent butchers through to multi-national supermarkets, and from flourishing online start-ups to established family brands, Meat Business Women supports and welcomes the multitude of talent within this sector.

Food Service

All the way from fast food to fine dining, the global growth of the Food Service sector is exponential – and it shows no sign of slowing down. Relying on fast, fresh supply in multiple quantities, sizes, and shapes, our Meat Business Women members play a vital role. Our team contributes from the factory to front-of-house, and from menu design to marketing. We’re captivated by their stories and their real business acumen.

Why Join Meat Business Women

Become a part of the Global Meat Business Women movement. Learn from industry leaders, peers, and development experts through monthly interactive webinars. You’ll also be able to access and contribute to best practice guides, developmental resources, and other industry documentation. Support and you will be supported. Our global mentoring platform allows you to join the network of progressive women driving one another throughout our industry.

Our Story

Our network was created to improve the sustainability of the meat industry, which faces external pressures in terms of its image and internal challenges from historical bias. Meat Business Women is a progressive global network for professional women working in the meat industry.

“Championing the meat industry as a great place to build a fulfilling life-long career – where everyone can express their full potential – is part of Meat Business Women’s strategy”

Laura Ryan

Meat Business Women