Meat Business Women

Our People

The global hub that is Meat Business Women connects a growing community of over 5,000 talented and dedicated women working across a wide range of disciplines within the meat industry. Our People consist of our valued and engaged members, our dedicated local territory committees, our supportive and progressive sponsors, our visionary and engaging speakers, and our best-practice-sharing affiliates. Together, we’re driving forward the transformation of the image, culture, and landscape of the global meat industry.

Our Sponsors

Our Meat Business Women sponsors represent some of the most progressive and innovative organisations within the global meat supply chain.

Their support provides our members with exclusive insights from worldwide brands in the form of executive interviews, webinar engagement, and market development predictions. These mediums demonstrate their commitment to gender equality.

Committee Profiles

Our territory committees are formed of voluntary Meat Business Women members that represent various sectors of the industry from within their local country. These committees are tasked with organising and delivering local events and activities, with the Chair of each committee representing their own territory on the Meat Business Women global council.

Without them, we would not function, and our entire organisation will be forever grateful for their dedication and drive.

Our Speakers

With inspiring real-life journeys, intriguing anecdotes, and essential advice, our speakers share both experience and insight across each sector of the industry.

From the industry’s heavyweight CEOs and royalty speakers all the way to aspiring students and graduates, we take great pride in our assembly of professional speakers. We’re always excited to hear their powerful stories and best practice demonstrations.

Our Affiliates

Our journey is continually evolving. We continue to share best practice tips and advice, and help trade innovative industry experience and expertise between organisations. Each of these affiliations shares our passion to develop both the role of women in work and the role of the meat industry around the world.

We are honoured to be recognised by the United Nations as a solution to one of the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Why Join Meat Business Women

Become a part of the Global Meat Business Women movement. Learn from industry leaders, peers, and development experts through monthly interactive webinars. You’ll also be able to access and contribute to best practice guides, developmental resources, and other industry documentation. Support and you will be supported. Our global mentoring platform allows you to join the network of progressive women driving one another throughout our industry.

Our Story

Our network was created to improve the sustainability of the meat industry, which faces external pressures in terms of its image and internal challenges from historical bias. Meat Business Women is a progressive global network for professional women working in the meat industry.

“The network we are building will guide young professionals while giving us the boost we need to become world leaders.”

Christine Middlemiss

UK Chief Veterinary Officer