Meat Business Women

“Championing the meat industry as a great place to build a fulfilling life-long career – where everyone can express their full potential – is part of Meat Business Women’s strategy ”

Laura Ryan

Meat Business Women

Our Story

Meat Business Women was founded in 2015 by Laura Ryan and Pamela Brook. Having worked in the meat industry for more than a decade, Laura was struck by the limited number of females in the industry, and at board level in particular.

As her passion for the industry grew, Laura became more and more aware of the lack of female talent outside of family-owned businesses. Along with Pamela, she launched the professional networking group to help promote the meat sector as a positive career choice for women.

Interest in Meat Business Women has grown phenomenally on both a national and international level. Working with territory partners, Meat Business Women has a global membership and holds events across the UK & Ireland, Australia and New Zealand

In 2019, Meat Business Women was recently recognised by the United Nations, where Laura delivered a presentation on the contribution that Meat Business Women makes to the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


“We are the global professional networking movement for progressive women working across the meat industry. We aim to drive the transformation of the industry, promote institutional sustainability, and attract and retain the best possible female talent.”

Mission & Values

“Our mission is to connect talented and dedicated professional women in every role within the meat industry, all over the globe. We provide a global hub that drives forward the transformation of the industry’s image, culture, and landscape.”


Develop the image, culture, and landscape of the meat industry to make it more attractive to female talent. We bring industry thought leaders, disrupters, and change-makers to our members so that everyone is able to celebrate and share their diverse expertise and experiences via interactive and engaging events.


Skilfully improve networking. We organise events and opportunities for authentic, culturally diverse, and like-minded professionals throughout the industry to make meaningful connections. Our events range from meeting and mentoring, all the way to buddying and global story sharing.


Encourage and nurture female talent throughout the sector through networking, education, and mentoring. We continue building industry momentum with the acceleration of our global memberships that support the attraction, retention, and development of female talent. This helps to drive genuine progression across our international workplaces.


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Why Join Meat Business Women

Become a part of the Global Meat Business Women movement. Learn from industry leaders, peers, and development experts through monthly interactive webinars. You’ll also be able to access and contribute to best practice guides, developmental resources, and other industry documentation. Support and you will be supported. Our global mentoring platform allows you to join the network of progressive women driving one another throughout our industry.

Our Story

Our network was created to improve the sustainability of the meat industry, which faces external pressures in terms of its image and internal challenges from historical bias. Meat Business Women is a progressive global network for professional women working in the meat industry.

“I think the people in the meat industry are our biggest asset, and continuing to develop young people gives you a real sense of personal achievement. That development is also key to the longevity and sustainability of the industry ”

Harriet Wilson