Jamila Gordon

CEO & Founder, Lumachain

Jamila Gordon is CEO and Founder of Lumachain, a technology platform that connects the broken links in global food supply chains, with a particular focus on meat.

Jamila’s background includes roles as Group Chief Information Officer of Qantas Airways and CIMIC, and prior to this, as a global executive with IBM based in Europe.  She was Microsoft’s global Awardee in the 2018 International Women Entrepreneurship Challenge (IWEC), and Microsoft’s global CEO Satya Nadella featured Lumachain in his 2019 keynote address in Sydney Australia.

Jamila’s professional success is made more remarkable by her personal story. She arrived in Australia at the age of 18 having escaped the Somali civil war alone and being virtually homeless in Kenya. Jamila set about learning English and then studied IT at La Trobe University, before commencing a career that has taken her around the world. She served on the Board of La Trobe University for five years. She currently sits on the board of Questacon, Australia’s national science and technology centre.