KatieRose McCullough

Regulatory & Scientific Affairs Director at NAMI

Dr. KatieRose McCullough serves as a director of regulatory and scientific affairs at the North American Meat Institute where she provides expertise on a variety of topics including: meat science, meat quality and composition, sensory, spoilage, food safety, pathogen control and detection, intervention technologies, microbiology, public health, epidemiology and more.

At NAMI, McCullough works to ensure policies are created on a sound science-based foundation. McCullough also collaborates with other associations and represents the Meat Institute in different scientific forums. McCullough also serves as the Senior Science Advisor to the Foundation for Meat and Poultry Research and Education, working with industry to fund projects and develop research priorities related to food safety, product quality and nutritional sciences.

She also acts as the staff liaison for the Scientific Affairs Committee and assists in managing the NAMI Scholarship Foundation which funds multiple scholarships for undergraduate students each year.