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Catharine Heffernan (Chair)

General Manager, Communications - AMIC

Catharine heads up Communications and Media at the…

Melissa Fletcher


At the tender age of 22, Melissa was…

Jasmin Patterson

Communications Officer - AMIC

Jasmin is the Communications officer for the Australian…

Amy Brooks

Marketing Manager

Amy Brooks is Marketing Manager at Stockyard Beef,…

Stacey McKenna

Manager - Programs & Systems AMIC

Stacey has made a career in the Australian…

Mikaela Ryan

Marketing & Office Management

At the tender age of 13 Mikaela commenced…

Lizzie McClymont

Meat Sales Officer - Mort & Co

Lizzie is a Meat Sales Officer at Mort…

Blair Stubna

Master Planner - Harvey Beef

Blair Stubna, is the Master Planner for Harvey…

Clare Ross

Marketing Manager - Paradigm Foods

Clare Ross is Marketing Manager for niche, Brisbane-based…

Nadine Giusti

Brand Manager - NH Foods Australia

Nadine Giusti is the brand manager for NH…

Dalene Wray

Managing Director - OBE Organic

OBE Organic® produces the world’s best organic beef….