WATCH ME: February Masterclass I Finding your Perfect Tribe

February 10, 2022 By

Masterclass in Finding your Perfect Tribe with Kate Gerald, KAG Recruitment

A super helpful session, finding your perfect tribe, delivered by Kate Gerald, CEO of KAG Recruitment.

This masterclass is aimed at anyone who conducts interviews, whether you’re new to the role or a seasoned professional, An SME or a large corporate organisation our masterclass has been are designed to help you become a stronger/more focused interviewer who understands the importance of representing themselves and their business in order to achieve the best long term results. The masterclass will ensure that you know how to secure the best talent for your business whilst selling yourself in the best possible way and saving money… what’s not to like about that?

This masterclass covered:

  1. How to sell yourself to potential employees
  2. How to not lose star employees to your competitors
  3. Would you work for you?
  4. Milestones of a recruitment process
  5. The importance of thorough feedback

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About Kate…
Having spent over 25 years in the recruitment industry I got sick of being made redundant…so decided to take the leap and K.A.G. was born. I literally love working in recruitment and am privileged to have the pleasure of working with some amazing clients and candidates but there were also things that I didn’t like previously about recruitment so we DON’T do them at K.A.G. 🙂

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